Pre-op Planning Modules on myHPB

The "slowing down when you should" phenomenon is characteristic of expert surgical judgment. It is the ability to transition to a higher level of attentiveness during critical moments in a procedure.

The educational resources on myHPB focus on recognizing the anticipated procedure and patient-specific slowing down moments during preoperative planning.

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Left Hepatectomy [case 1]
Distal pancreatectomy [case 2]
Extended left hepatectomy [case 3]
Ampullectomy [Case 4]
Distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy [case 5]
Left lateral sectionectomy [Case 6]
Whipple (pancreaticoduodenectomy) [case 7]
Left hepatectomy [case 9]
Mid-bile duct resection [Case 10]
Laparoscopic (distal) pancreas resection [Case 11]
Left lateral sectionectomy [case 12]
Right hemihepatectomy (to posterior sectionectomy) [case 13]
Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy with possible splenectomy [case 14]
Choledochectomy [Case 15]
Right hepatectomy (to right anterior sectionectomy) [case 16]
Right hepatectomy [Case 17]
Hepaticojejunostomy Revision [Case 18]
Laparoscopic liver wedge resection [Case 19]
Extended left hepatectomy [Case 20]
Puestow procedure [Case 22]
Whipple with vascular resection and reconstruction [Case 23]
Total Pancreatectomy [Case 24]
Laparoscopic left lateral liver resection [case 25]
Laparoscopic Segment 6 resection [Case 26]
Laparoscopic Sg5-6 resection [Case 27]

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