The Education and Training Committee and Outreach Committee have joined together to create HPBridge. HPBridge is a platform developed to pair HPB units worldwide for bi-directional learning, mentoring and clinical exchange.

HPBridge was conceptualised as an initiative to broaden our collective understanding of the ways in which we, as HPB surgeons and associated professionals, meet the needs of our patients in diverse healthcare settings with unique resources, infrastructure, policy and cultural norms.

Core Principles of HPBridge

The HPBridge model disseminates knowledge and builds capacity among HPB centres by:

  • Utilising the knowlege and expertise of diverse perspectives
  • Providing engagement and space for new cultural and clinical learning
  • Making use of appropriate technology to facilitate and enhance collaboration
  • Applying best practices across a spectrum of clinical settings. We will audit results of collaboration to improve the experience for future generations
  • Benefitting from the generosity and compassion of people involved in the collaboration

More than 90 centres applied to be part of the HPBridge Pilot. Of those, 29 have been selected to participate in 6 different collaborations. The first MDTs started in February 2024.

We extend our sincere thanks to the members of the HPBridge Task Force: Dr Brendan Visser,  Dr T Peter Kingham, Dr Mehan Siriwardhane, Dr Alejandro Serrablo and Prof Kristoffer Lassen, for the many hours dedicated to this initiative. We also thank the more than 90 individuals who applied to participate in the HPBridge Pilot. Your interest demonstrates that this work is important and valuable to you; and we will continue our efforts to build on this important initiative. Thank you.


Corporate Partners

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