IHPBA Kenneth Warren Fellowship

The President and Council of the IHPBA are honoured to announce the Kenneth W. Warren Fellowship, made possible by a generous donation to the IHPBA by Dr. Kenneth W. Warren.

The fellowship provides USD 30,000 to be used to support the recipient's own salary in conducting clinical or laboratory research over 12 months in a host department and country outside the applicant's own department and country. The fellowship may commence at any time after the award but no later than six months after it has been awarded.

General guidelines and instructions for applications

Further information about the IHPBA Kenneth Warren Fellowship

For further information about the IHPBA Kenneth Warren Fellowship please contact:

Alison Shamwana
IHPBA Executive Director
Telephone: +44 141 530 1687
E-mail: foundation@ihpba.org

Office hours are from 09.00 to 17.00 GMT/BST, Monday to Friday, and communication is possible in English.

The Warren Fellowship recipients of 2019-2020

Dr Marta Sandini


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Dr Lindgi Yin 


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